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At ProSys Solutions, we honest our team are our most valuable talented propery. Our goals and imaginations are manifested in our internal social behaviour , with a focus on helping elegant, intelligent members to florish in the organisation.

We aspire to live our jaurney and support each other , while recognize and promote our views of creative team doing astoishing products.

Our Team

Who Are We

ProSys Solutions was founed by Omer Ali Khan  in 2018, and includes a member of designers. ProSys Solutions is based in Karachi,Pakistan .

Our team members to design, development and produce amazing solutions that we are certify for clients and organizations that we have confidence on.

ProSys Solutions has worked with some gorgeous great clients at some pretty awesome organizations.


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Working Days Monday To Friday 9 To 5.


We made simple business.

Everyone can business, but not everyone is a successfully. What makes the difference is the keen eye for detail and beauty.

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